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Please help Just4Children raise £95,000 to save Kyra's leg from amputation and change her life #StepWithKyra

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Please help Just4Children raise £95,000 to save Kyra’s leg from amputation and change her life #StepWithKyra

Kyra is 7 years old and loves playing energetically with her friends. If her rare birth defect is left untreated, she will have her leg amputated above the knee.

Kyra has Proximal Focal Femoral Deficiency which means she has a short left thigh and deformed hip and ankle. She wears a heavy, bulky and painful prosthetic so she can walk. As she gets older, the shortening worsens and the impact on her life is greater. PFFD is so rare and her case so complex, that the NHS recommend amputating her leg so a prosthetic fits better.

However Dr Paley of the Paley Institute in Florida can grow Kyra’s leg to get it on the ground! He is the most experienced limb lengthening surgeon in the world, but the NHS will not fund the operations.

We recently raised £56,000 for Dr Paley to correct her hip and ankle, and the operation was a great success.

The next step in Kyra’s treatment is lengthening her leg over 4 months in Spring/Summer 2019. This can only take place in Florida as daily physiotherapy with the Paley Institute’s expert therapists is crucial to success. This cutting-edge treatment will cost us £95,000 to include surgery, physiotherapy, travel, accommodation and living costs.

If we don’t raise the money, Kyra will need an amputation. With your help, Kyra’s dream of walking with both feet on the ground can become a reality.

Thank you.

Rima and Neil


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