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Just4Children want to raise funds for Lewis aged 2 from Colchester in Essex to help him walk independently.

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Just4Children want to raise funds for Lewis aged 2 from Colchester in Essex to help him walk independently.

Lewis had a difficult start in life. Not only was he born 10 weeks prematurely but he also had an operation a week later because of a twisted bowel. At five months we were told he had Cerebral Palsy.

Lewis wants to do all of the fun things like playing with his big brother that every child likes to do as they grow up but he struggles with this because he is unable to walk. In spite of this he is the most kind, funny and determined little boy.

There is no cure for Cerebral Palsy, but there are treatments and operations that can drastically improve his life! We have been told by Great Ormond Street Hospital that he is a good candidate for a life changing operation called SDR. It involves identifying and cutting the dorsal nerves in the spine responsible for sending faulty messages to the lower part of his body. This will remove the tightness in his legs and should improve his chances of walking unaided.

Since beginning fundraising the operation has become available on the NHS for some children who fit the criteria. We are hoping that Lewis will be part of this. However, the intensive physiotherapy and specialist equipment are not covered by the NHS. Lewis is currently having weekly private physio sessions and with your help we hope to continue doing this throughout his childhood to help our superhero with his dream of walking to become a reality.

We would also like to modify our garden to create an environment for Lewis to participate in daily physiotherapy post operatively. Without these changes the garden is not accessible to him. We hope to make adaptions with his disability in mind to create a safe, fun and inspiring area where Lewis can go from strength to strength after he has had the SDR operation.

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