Pop Up Activity Centre - providing play, exercise and friendship to all children and young people with various needs and abilities in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

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Pop Up Activity Centre – providing play, exercise and friendship to all children and young people with various needs and abilities in Bristol and the surrounding areas

Please help Just4Children raise £20,000 to be able to run this exciting and much needed 4 week event.

Oscar is an eight year old boy with cerebral palsy effecting his whole body. He is wheelchair bound, is fed through a tube in his tummy and cannot speak. He is getting too big to be carried and wears nappies. Oscar has a massive smile and loves music, movement and people. He used to love being swung around but is too heavy for that now. His family adore him and he them, especially his little brother.

At the moment Oscar can’t go to the park, because he can’t access any of the equipment; he can’t swim because the water is too cold and it’s too noisy; and he can’t go to soft play, which he used to love, as the other children run over him.

Oscar grew out of the baby changing facilities years ago and previously has been lifted onto the floor of the disabled toilets to be changed by his parents. This is no longer an option as he is getting too heavy to lift safely. He therefore spends most of his time at home and therefore, so do his family. The options to go out are extremely limited with a respite centre available but only for 2 hours per month.

Oscar isn’t alone. There are 58,000 children in and around Bristol and 84% of them can’t access regular leisure facilities. 72% of parents suffer from mental health and much of this is due to isolation.

A Pop Up Gympanzees will open this summer. It will be held in a school and will have 5 indoor rooms – soft play, indoor playground, music room, sensory room and fully equipped gym with accessible equipment. There will also be trampolines outside and a cafe area for refreshments.

The Pop Up will run for 4 weeks, Monday to Friday per week. There will be some disability specific sessions, and others will be open sessions where everyone is welcome, including family and friends.

The Pop Up will be fully accessible for all ages and all abilities and needs. It will have hoists, changing places and there will be accessible parking.

If you want to find out more information please visit here

Info for donors