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Just4Children are raising money to help Toby aged 5 from Tyne and Wear who suffered a brain injury during child birth.

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Just4Children are raising money to help Toby aged 5 from Tyne and Wear who suffered a brain injury during child birth.

Toby’s brain was starved of oxygen during labour resulting in a diagnosis of Bilateral Dyskinetic Spastic Cerebral Palsy. He has high tone (tight muscles) in his arms and legs, low tone in his tummy, neck and mouth and he has unco-ordinated movements making him appear clumsy. He currently needs his food pureed and liquids thickened to avoid aspiration due to poor oral motor control. His speech is not clear but he is an excellent communicator using a wide range of ways to “talk”.

Due to his complex form of Cerebral Palsy independent movement is difficult for Toby and he needs equipment to help him sit, stand and walk. And due to his age he is constantly outgrowing them. He also needs additional equipment to carry out his physio like ladders, benches, stools, mats, therapy rolls and more. A wheelchair accessible vehicle is required too.

Toby is also at risk of limb contractures and deformities, curvature of the spine and hip problems. This is why regular therapy and appropriate positioning is so important.

These pieces of equipment as he continues to grow and private physiotherapy, conductive education and intensive therapy based programmes are all very expensive.

Our first goal is to raise £40,000 for Just4Children to support home adaptions. This will be done in 2 stages. Stage 1 will hopefully go ahead towards the end of 2019. The extension on the side of the home will include a down stairs bedroom and specialist bathroom. The bathroom will be fully equipped with wheel in shower, hoists and level access to help us meet all of Toby’s care needs safely. It will also give Toby some much needed independance and dignity. Internally all doors will be widened down stairs for better access.

Phase 2 will provide work externally to improve ramp access and and relocate the drive ready to a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Toby is currently still changed and dressed on the living room floor and due to only having an upstairs bathroom we are unable to help him learn to use the toilet. This space for Toby will give him the extra dignity and independence he needs to improve his quality of life. We also need to widen the drive and path to make room for a wheelchair accessible vehicle and a power chair.

Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

Thank you

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