Ezzy’s Wish to Walk

Just4Children need to raise funds to help Ezzy aged 4 from near Bristol have further surgery before she loses the ability to walk independently.

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Just4Children need to raise funds to help Ezzy have further surgery before she loses the ability to walk independently.

Esme is aged 4 from Thornbury near Bristol.She was born into the world weighing just 3lb due to Mum having kidney failure. As Ezzy grew she was having difficulty hitting the normal milestones. In 2016 we were given the devastating news that Esme had suffered brain damage when she was born and was diagnosed with a condition called cerebral palsy a condition affecting her muscles causing tightness and restricting full use of her mobility.

We were told she would never walk unaided and would face a life without full independence.

Following research we found out Ezzy could have SDR surgery to have her nerve endings cut which was causing the spasticity in her legs.

Ezzy underwent this surgery in 2017 and started the process of building up her muscle’s strength with daily physio and strength and conditioning. With the help of supportive leg splints Ezzy amazingly took her first independent steps.

The months that followed Ezzy continued to grow in confidence and her strength also continued to grow as did her ability to move around more.

We started to notice a problem with Ezzy’s calf muscle. We turned to medical advice and we were told Ezzy would need further surgery to correct this muscle as well as lengthening her hamstring. She would also need her heel cord loosening to help her heel to sit on the floor correctly.

We were advised if we didn’t have this corrected it will continue to get worse and Ezzy would lose the ability to walk independently. We were advised to seek help for Ezzy as soon as we possibly could.

We applied to St Louis Children’s Hospital in America where they have the world’s leading surgeon for Ezzy’s procedure with the most successful results. Ezzy was accepted for the surgery and we are hoping to take her in June 2019. But the surgery costs £20,000.

Ezzy has been through so much in her short little life of just 4 years. She never complains and continues to smile every day. She brightens up everyone’s lives with her infectious smile and amazing personality. She is such a joy to be around and such an inspirational little girl. We are super proud to call ourselves her parents.

She just needs this last injection of support to help complete her journey and finally make her wish to walk come true.

From the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you

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