Ade’s Road to Recovery

Just4Children are raising money to help Ade build on his strength, mobility, balance and cognitive development.

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Just4Children are raising money to help Ade build on his strength, mobility, balance and cognitive development.

Ademide is 4 years old little boy from Edinburgh. He has been through a lot for such a young child. He is my super hero and such an amazing boy with real strength in his character.

Ade started having seizures at 10 weeks of age and was diagnosed with a rare but very serious epilepsy syndrome at 13 weeks. This was the beginning of his battle with epilepsy. Constant hospital visits, trying out medications and diets to control the seizures. Unfortunately, the seizures could not be controlled with medication and he continued to have over a 100 seizures a day – everyday.

Holding my baby everyday while having seizures was like living a constant nightmare. He was also diagnosed with global development delay.

In July 2017 we took the brave step for him to have brain surgery called a hemispherectomy. The procedure disconnected one side of his brain that was causing the seizures. The operation was a success and he is seizure free, but the downside to the operation is that it’s given him an acquired brain injury. He now has a significant weakness on the left side of body with a visual field loss of left peripheral vision. After this operation he has had to learn how to walk again.

The only way to increase Ademide’s strength, balance and mobility is to do regular therapy intensive therapy, such as Applied Behavioural Anaysis (ABA), conductive education and physiotherapy. These therapies have allowed for him to make improvements in his cognitive development and physical mobility. We would also like to get him some aids that will help correct his posture and improve his balance. We are thankful that his journey is looking bright, but all these therapies can help him to make those steps towards a brighter future. However, they all come at a cost and public services unfortunately do not provide intensive therapy.

We would like to get Ade more therapy sessions and aids to support our little boy in making his journey towards greater mobility and independence.

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