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To raise funds for Just4Children to provide vital equipment and therapies for 18 month old son Thomas who suffered a brain injury at birth leaving him with severe cerebral palsy.

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Thomas is our 18 month old son from Thatcham in Berks. He suffered a brain injury at birth which has left him needing to be tube fed and with a visual impairment and severe cerebral palsy.

Life isn’t easy for Thomas. However, he is the most determined little boy you are ever likely to meet. Just because it is hard doesn’t mean he stops trying! He loves singing and dancing and rough and tumble play with his big brother Harrison. His smile lightens even the darkest day!

We are raising funds for three different things.

Firstly, we would like to take Thomas to receive stem cell treatment in America. The evidence is still emerging but they are seeing some astounding results with children like Thomas.

Secondly, we are raising funds for a deposit for a motability vehicle as Thomas is a wheelchair user.

Lastly, we are raising funds for the vital adaptations we will need to make to our home to make it accessible to him.

Thank you to everyone who is able to support us!