Sunni Boy

Just4Children needs your support to raise £30,000 for Sunni's physiotherapy, equipment and rehabilitation, which will help him to learn how to walk again.

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Sunni boy comes from a loving family who lives with his grandmother and cat Boncuk in Ilford, Essex. He was born prematurely with brain damage resulting in cerebral palsy.

In 2017 we were told Sunni is a good candidate for a selective dorsal rhizotomy operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital and we were told we need to raise 60k for this procedure including his rehabilitation.

In spite of his disability he is a happy and positive boy who is loved by his community. Sunni’s dream is to be able to live a normal life where he can do simple things like kick a ball and play chase with his cousin without falling down due to his poor balance. He wishes to be able to jump one day and loves football, boxing and wrestling!

We are excited to tell you that the NHS has decided to fund Sunni’s operation but we still need your continued support in raising 30k for his physiotherapy, equipment and rehabilitation, which will help Sunni to learn how to walk again.

We thank all of you for your kindness, prayers and generosity. Please keep sharing and donating for Sunni boy. Make his dreams come true.

From Sunni boy and family xxx