Oscar’s goal to independence

Oscar has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, with no independent mobility or communication. Just4Children are wanting to give him the chance to become more independent with the latest therapy and equipment.

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Oscar was born in 2013 and lives in North Yorkshire. He has severe cerebral palsy, with no independent mobility or communication, and also has epilepsy. Just4Children are wanting to raise monies to give Oscar the chance to become more independent through communication devices and the latest therapy expertise and equipment.

Our son Oscar was born in February 2013 and has severe cerebral palsy as well as epilepsy. Oscar has faced so many challenges in his short life and it is for this reason we would love your support.

 It’s not just us who think Oscar is amazing, we have had it confirmed by so many others! In 2016, Oscar won the Special Recognition Award in the 0-12 age category at the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards held in Leeds. There is an amazing video of Oscar here

Oscar continues to be faced with huge challenges that stand in the way of his development. He is at risk of hip dysplasia and needs corrective bone surgery on both of his hips. His seizure patterns are irregular and unpredictable.

Oscar’s disability means that we as a family are faced with constant decisions around the type and level of care and therapy that we pursue for him. Sadly, many of these choices are limited by the lack of services in this country and the huge costs that come with them. Regular and intensive physiotherapy is required to ensure that Oscar gets to a point where he is able to be as mobile and independent as possible. We do a wide variety of physiotherapy routines for Oscar – at home and in sensory centres, at swimming pools, on horseback – to try to give him the best opportunities possible. Oscar also has medication to ensure that his muscle stiffness does not hinder him too badly.

Obviously throughout Oscar’s life we will need a vast array of equipment. Sadly, an ever-increasing amount of this is now no longer funded by the NHS or is on trial but not for long term use. Oscar has had the eye-gaze technology he has been using to aid his communication withdrawn by the NHS.

As a family we would be massively grateful of any support you can offer. Thank you so much!

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