Kelis’s Mountain Climb

Please join Just4Children on Kelis's Mountain Climb which will enable Kelis to have a life changing spinal operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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Please join Just4Children on Kelis’s Mountain Climb which will enable Kelis to have a life changing spinal operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) at Great Ormond Street Hospital which will release her spasticity and give her the chance to walk.

Hi, my name is Kelis aged 4 from Northampton. I have quadriplegic cerebral palsy. When I was born I had lost 2 thirds of my blood count. Due to this there were not enough blood cells to carry all the oxygen around my body so all my organs failed and most importantly it could not get to my brain. After having a blood transfusion I was transferred to Nottingham Queen’s Medical Centre which had a specialist cooling bed. The cooling bed drops my body temperature below what it should be to stop brain activity, preventing more damage.

Once I arrived I had to have a 2nd blood transfusion. I had many wires attached to me doing lots of different things. One of those wires was producing an EEG reading on my head which measured my brain activity. According to this I was having seizures all the time and the doctors were not hopeful. My mummy and daddy were told to fetch my big brother and stay with me as I might not last through the night. Lots of my family came to visit to say their goodbyes!

However, I survived the night!

After 3 days I was taken off the cooling bed and sent for an MRI to look at my brain damage. When the results came back the doctors told my mummy and daddy that most of my brain was damaged and when the support machines were turned off I wouldn’t survive the next 72 hours.

However, although transferred to a hospice I went from strength to strength until after 5 days my mummy and daddy were told they could take me home.

From only a few weeks old my Mummy has done therapy with me every day as my Cerebral Palsy affects my whole body. My therapy includes physiotherapy, horse riding, swimming, conductive education, sign language, strength training, play therapy, music therapy, trampolining, and so much more. She has had to teach me everything I know through repetition as my brain does not automatically tell my body what to do and it can easily forget too.

Unfortunately, the more I’m growing and the more I’m moving around the tighter the muscles in my legs are getting. Without this operation my muscles will eventually get so tight and painful that I will be in a wheel chair.

Monies raised will also pay for intensive private therapy and specialist equipment required both pre and post operation.

One day my mum came home after climbing Mount Snowdon with my 10 year old big brother Curtis. After telling me all about it my mum told me, “you will climb that mountain with me too one day!”

Please help me get to the top of that mountain!

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