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Helping Willow reach above and beyond the rainbow!

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Willow Taylor.2

Helping Willow reach above and beyond the rainbow!

Willow is an incredible little girl Aged 4 from Yateley in Hants. She has cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. She suffered a brain injury during birth. She’s a true little fighter!

Willow is dependant on those around her for everything. She is tubefed, she can’t talk or walk and she has limited use of her body. However, she can smile, she can laugh, she can cry and, thanks to technology, she’s been learning to communicate using an eye gaze computer at school.

She’s also, incredibly, learning to use a walker. She has taken a few steps independently, something we thought impossible!

We are going to be trying Willow out on lots of other pieces of equipment this year. Special needs equipment is very expensive and not often funded by a stretched NHS but, we have to give her the opportunity!

In order to achieve these massive inchstones, Willow also has various private therapies on top of the NHS provision, which we feel has made an enormous difference to her. We also take her horse riding once a week.

Thank you for your support for Just4Children helping Willow reach above and beyond the rainbow.