The Amazing Aiden

Aiden is 3 years old from Witham in Essex. He suffered a brain injury during birth and Just4Children now need your support to give him an amazing life.

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Our Amazing Aiden is 3.5 years old and has bilateral spastic cerebral palsy. He suffered a brain injury called Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) at birth which meant he was starved of oxygen and didn’t take his first gasp of air for 28 minutes.

Aiden fought against the odds to survive. Initially his odds didn’t look good and he received cooling treatment.  His tiny body was wrapped in an ice blanket which reduced his core temperature down to 33 degrees for 72 hours.  This treatment helped to stop the spread of further damage. Unfortunately it can’t reverse the damage which had already been caused.

Aiden has been a fighter since the moment he was born and continues to fight for every inch stone he achieves.  Currently he cannot crawl, sit or walk independently or talk but with continued therapy he is making progress. Our hope is one day he will walk and be able to communicate.


Anyone who meets Aiden can’t help but fall in love with him, he has the cheekiest smile, an infectious laugh and the most incredible big brown eyes and eyelashes! He has developed a character full of cheek, determination and stubbornness. This boy knows what he wants and will make sure everyone else knows too.

Aiden’s prognosis on discharge from hospital was initially very encouraging, however as time has gone on the damage to his brain has become more evident. The struggles Aiden will face has he grows are much clearer. The only way to help Aiden is to provide him with lots of therapy and stimulation. There is no cure for brain damage but we can help to reduce the impact this has on him. We hope he will reach a level of independence.

Unfortunately due to the limitations the NHS face they cannot provide Aiden with the intensive therapy he needs. As his parents we fund multiple different private therapies for him, these include hippotherapy (horse riding), swimming, CME, and private physiotherapy. One of the therapies we fund are sessions at Kids Physio Works in Little Braxted which specialise in neuro-rehabilitation. They are able to help increase Aiden’s low core tone by using a therasuit, this helps support the body and puts it into correct alignement which he uses this when learning to sit and stand walk.

We also access twice yearly visits to the NAPA Center who are based in California. Here Aiden can access 60 hours of therapy over a 3 week period as they offer an IMOT (intensive model of therapy) programme which is tailored to Aiden with key targets. On our past visits Aiden has developed the ability to weight bear, stand unsupported against a wall for 64 seconds and learn to speak a couple of words, “more” being his favourite word.

These therapies, plus many more and equipment come at a high cost and are not usually financially viable to many. We hope that all our efforts will help Aiden inch towards some milestones and provide him with a greater quality of life. We are hoping enough money is raised to support Aiden to access these therapies for as long as possible as the proof is in the pudding. He is making progress and this wouldn’t be happening if he couldn’t access all his therapies.

Aiden is an incredible little boy. This is why we call him Amazing Aiden as he amazes us all the time.  He is the happiest little boy around, he can turn any frown upside down, and a few minutes in his presence will put a big smile on your face. We want to help him achieve and progress as much as possible and provide him with every opportunity he should rightfully have. We love to see Aiden included and having fun. We know life will be challenging for him and we will always strive to give him as much support as we can along with an abundance of unconditional love.

Any donation makes a difference to the therapy Aiden can access.

Let’s make this life as amazing for Aiden has he is.

Thank you for reading Aiden’s story.