Sophie says Stand by Me

Please stand by me and help give me the ability to be able to stand tall just like you all.

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"From nan and grandad and all at the Peartree club race night happy motoring on your new chair "
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"Sophie, I think I knew you at Redbrook Hayes about seven years ago when I taught on supply when I was called Mrs. Burcher. Now I've remarried and my new name is Dudley. Good luck with the fundraising!"
£50.00 from Sherry Dudley.
"Good luck Sophie. X lots of love x"
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"Good luck soph you deserve this and it will make all the difference love Sian X "
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"Hi...I have met you at the craft barn :-) hope you raise the money you need x "
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"Good luck Soph! Love from Rich. "
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Please stand by me and help give me the ability to be able to stand tall just like you all.

My name is Sophie. I’m 16 years old from Rugeley in Staffs. When I was born I was a full term baby but disaster struck and I had to be resuscitated as I wasn’t breathing. The medical crash team got me to breath after 8 minutes. I was then placed in SCBU for a week as I was having convulsions and still not able to breath on my own.

I eventually improved and was able to breath on my own but sadly due to the trauma I was left with some brain damage as time progressed and at 6 months we learned the full extent of my condition, which was quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy.

As I grew and was slow reaching my milestones we were then told I had a further condition called dystonia which is a neurological disorder causing repetitive movements in my feet and arms. They continually spasm and cause involuntary movements.

My condition requires me to need 24 hour round the clock care. I can not walk or have any use in my left hand. I almost live in my wheelchair.

Sophie needs a sit to stand wheelchair which she will be able to control herself and independently adjust to stand. This will give Sophie a new pair of legs and a much better quality of life.

Every penny or a pound will help me. Please stand by me!