Max’s Mission to Move

Max is aged 5 from Rugeley in Staffordshire

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"Im donating this money as my grandad Geg’s 80th birthday present. He doesn't want presents; he just wants his family to donate to Max’s fundraising. Every little helps. Good luck with everything!"
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£2.00 from Kelly Jones
"I have a nephew who has CP, he's nearly 18 now, and to see him suffer over the years has been unbearable, he was a twin to a little sister born at 26 weeks, so sort of know what you are going through."
£20.00 from Glenys Smith
"Gorgeous little boy. Best of luck xx"
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"I really hope he gets the treatment he needs. Good luck with everything"
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"With considerable thanks to Angi Cooney of C residential who suggested this charity."
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"I hope you reach your ultimate goal! Max is beautiful, good luck little man x"
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"Hope everything goes well and all the best for the future xx"
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"It’s only a little bit I hope it will help Max reach his target. You’ve done amazing with all the fund raising. Love DIN09 shelley and Ava xx"
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"Well done, now for the rest :)"
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Max is aged 5 from Rugeley in Staffordshire He was born at 34 weeks weighing 5lb 6oz. Within a couple of days Max became very poorly due to lack of calcium and sodium which unfortunately caused neonatal seizures and his oxygen to drop. We were told upon discharge that Max has damage to his brain called Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL).

Max has now been given the diagnosis of Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy. This means his limbs are too tight and he has difficulty doing tasks that we all find easy. He has nearly mastered sitting through lots of hard work but still needs help standing and is unable to move independently. The brain damage also affects his eye sight and as yet we still don’t know how much he can see. He’s also recently been diagnosed with epilepsy.

Max works really hard trying to reach his goals but unfortunately the NHS doesn’t provide enough therapy and equipment for all Max’s needs so we want to fundraise to help him reach his mission to move.

Max is an amazing happy cheeky sociable little boy so please give generously to Just4Children to support Max.