Life changing help for Aisha

Aisha is a 6 years old very active girl with epilepsy from Crook in County Durham. An epilepsy alarm on her wrist would be life changing for her.

Aisha is very active, happy, friendly little girl with epilepsy and other health problems from the day she was born. She went on to stay in hospital for her first 9 months which led to her being diagnosed with delayed development. She is also dairy and citric intolerant and epileptic.

Aisha has been in and out of hospital with many epileptic seizures after having them in her sleep or when she has been playing. It’s a real struggle to keep a watch over her all the time.

Please can you donate as little as £1 to Just4Children so they can help us purchase a special wrist epilepsy alarm that will notify us if she has a seizure when we’re in a different room or through the night. This alarm would change Aisha’s life forever and make it so much better.