Kai’s Little Legs Walking Tall

We want Kai to live his life to full potential. He needs ongoing therapy and treatment for many years.

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Kai Thomas is aged 4 from Oldham and has cerebral palsy spastic diplegia.

Kai had Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy in November 2015 which has increased flexibility in his tendons and allowed Kai to straighten his legs.

Physiotherapy sessions have really strengthened Kai’s leg muscles, improved his balance and also his ability to walk un aided. Without these sessions Kai would sadly be a 5 year old determined little boy still unable to walk. Kai can walk in a rocking motion but he does fall quite a lot. This is affecting his self esteem and confidence, as Kai is noticing he is different from his peers.

Kai is strong willed and perseveres with walking and wants to be like his friends. Kai’s determination will make the sessions more beneficial and would not be wasted on lack of motivation.

I know that further physiotherapy will help develop co-ordination, build strength, improve his balance, maintain flexibility and optimise his independence.