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This campaign is about enabling Aria to continue working with the Family Hope Center

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If you find yourself reading this page, you might be curious about who this little person is and what can you do for her. Firstly we’d like thank you very much for your help and interest.

This campaign is about enabling our daughter Aria to continue working with the Family Hope Center. Their approach to creating a home therapy programme for children with neurological problems has achieved some truly remarkable results with many children around the world. We have just started Aria on a programme specially constructed to address her developmental needs and we are already seeing her life and future open up to her own potential.

Please follow this link to see more about how they approach their work: www.familyhopecenter.com/

Now we have started the home therapy we really owe it to Aria to keep up the good work. It is recommended to have a full evaluation with the Family Hope Center every six months, to redesign the programme to keep it up to date with the child’s stage in development, thus ensuring that they keep moving forwards to the next stage as is right for them.

This is why we need your help to raise funds for Just4Children so we can continue to work with the Family Hope Center, because it’s crucial to our daughter Aria’s life.

About Aria’s life so far
Aria was a very much wanted baby, we enjoyed an easy pregnancy and a beautiful, gentle home birth. However, very soon after she was born, Aria curled up into a small ball and did not wake up to feed. Days later we were told that she was born with a rare, life-threatening condition and that she was unlikely to survive babyhood. The message was that nothing could be done, that we needed to be prepared for her sudden death at any moment.

Needless to say how devastating and painful this was for us. Not only the task of preparing for imminent death, but also having to face the future health complications and the possible developmental disabilities. However…all was not sad…how could it be with such a blessed gift that she is? Every time we looked at her and felt her beauty, our hearts cracked open and our worries and fears melted away into gratitude and joy for her extraordinary presence in our lives.

Deep down our instinct told us something different to the doctors and as time passed we began to discern another story unfolding. Indeed, to this day, Aria has remained stable, without any major health complications and showing signs of a slow but sure development, exceeding all medical expectations and defying the dire prognosis. The last time we saw her paediatrician he said: “I don’t know what this means! She is going to keep us guessing. This might be a case of nurture over nature!”

We, her parents are very committed to Aria. We take the position of not knowing, not assuming, not trying to achieve but rather meeting her where she is in the present moment, in the best way we can. What matters is that Aria is alive, growing, learning and in many ways thriving. We feel we are constantly learning from her, and being guided and responding to where she leads us.

But most importantly, this little person is constantly trying her best and WE CAN HELP HER.

Aria is of a gentle, sensitive nature and has a positive predisposition in the face of her challenges. She amazes us with her resilience and strength, her patience and determination. After 9 months of attempting to latch on at the breast, one day she surprised us all by finally succeeding. Her widening smiles, more frequent laughter and wanting to play are a result of the setting influence of breastfeeding as well as spending longer periods of time without digestive discomfort. At 16 months she was beginning to feed with the spoon, and successfully weaned herself off the tube in July 2015.

We know this has been with the help of private therapies. We are also observing a decrease in involuntary movements as her nervous system becomes stronger and she becomes more able to enact intentional movement. We have noticed a better holding of her trunk, improved head control and increased balance so that sitting up independently may soon be possible. One of her therapies specifically aims to support her natural impulse to roll over and grab onto things, leading to a huge leap in learning and a delight in the sense of empowerment that it gives her.

Aria’s capacity to assimilate sensory information has increased gradually and she is very aware and more able to engage with the world without being overwhelmed. We are observing more eye contact and recognition of people and places as well as a clear love for the outdoors. Aria is very attuned to her surroundings through sound, and every day, music, songs and reading stories help her to focus and relax.

We are convinced that the programme is helping her to move forward with her motor skills and general health and development. We have no regret in having spent our savings on this as we watch the benefits day after day, but we need help to ensure Aria continues to have access to this form of therapy. In doing so we can ensure quality of life for her that she deserves.

Thank you for your generosity.


Carla, Jack and Aria