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We need help to raise funds for Just4Children to provide Logan with essential therapies for his legs to develop healthily.

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Logan is aged 9 from Bristol. He had major spinal surgery in Nov 2015 and has worked hard every day in therapies at home or at school. He’s had weekly sessions of physio and hydro therapy, but the NHS can only provide these regular sessions for 4 months after surgery. Full rehabilitation from SDR Surgery takes 18 to 24 months.

His sessions have now been cut to one every two weeks, soon to be even less, but he still has a long way to go and needs a lot more regular and varied therapies than we can provide. Without these, his legs will not develop properly so it’s vital to his growth, strength and future independence that we do as much as we can in this crucial post surgery period.

Strength training and stretching will be a life long commitment for Logan and he aspires to train in many activities most children can take for granted. We use all the resources we have as a family to help Logan, but we need to do so much more. We need help to raise funds for essential therapies and equipment to really change his life.