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We need help to raise funds for Just4Children to provide Logan with essential therapies for his legs to develop healthily.

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Since Logan’s operations in 2015 he has had full-on years of hard work both physically and emotionally attending multiple therapy sessions throughout the week.

Logan still has a lot of important work to do as he grows into his teens. We are continuing to combat renewed muscle tightness as growth spurts happen, also taking us back a few steps each time in progress and endurance.

Strength training and stretching will be a life-long commitment for Logan as he continues to make progress and works hard with his PT. We hope to build upon the foundations of strength and mobility he has been laying down for his adult life to come, and continue to help him access all the opportunities available for learning and social life that his cerebral palsy holds him back from.

We have been amazed and so grateful for the contributions made. it really has changed our lives. It has helped Logan so much, and is the reason we have had so much success with this life changing spinal surgery, SDR.

We are unfortunately unable to fund all of the therapies that Logan continues to need without help from donations. Having come to the end of the fundraised and donated money so far, we need a last push of fundraising to maintain Logan’s physical training for as long as possible while he is still growing and needing so much help.

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