Finlay’s ABR Journey

To raise money for Finlay’s ABR therapy in Scotland and train his parents to deliver the therapy at home.

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Our gorgeous son Finlay from Lisburn was born prematurely, his lung collapsing when he was hours old. After 2 months we finally got him home. At 8 months old we noticed something just wasn’t right. A few weeks before his 1st birthday we received the devastating news that he had cerebral palsy.

We were told he probably wouldn’t crawl never mind walk, but through continuous physiotherapy, hard work and most of all determination, our little boy walked on his 3rd birthday!

Finlay is now 8 and is making progress.

It’s is a tough journey in and out of hospitals. Not only has this been physically draining but mentally and emotionally draining too. Yet, through every struggle Finlay has a big smile on his face and a “can do” attitude. ABR therapy will strengthen his skeletal structure and enhance motor function in a non invasive way. It will return bone and muscle to their correct positions, reducing then eliminating spastic and muscle spasm and pain.

No parent wants to see their child in pain.