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Eddie Ron Gillespie has cerebral palsy and would like help to improve his walking, talking and to reach his full potential!

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Hello, I am Eddie Ron Gillespie. I am 7 and from Dorset! I was born a full term baby, although I needed resuscitating as I was not breathing when I came into this world. Once I did start to breathe, my breathing was laboured and I went on to have very severe convulsions.

This was all a result of being starved of oxygen at birth or soon after, and I was soon diagnosed with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy. This affects all of my limbs with unpredictable balance and global developmental delay. My gross and fine motor skills are affected massively and my mental age is also a lot younger than I am.

I often feel a little ‘floppy’ and then stiff with my walking which means I need a lot of help to walk. I can only walk for a few steps on my own because of my balance and stiffness and pain. I really struggle to use my hands too, making it impossible to play with toys or do daily tasks.

I would like to fundraise for physiotherapy, equipment and the selective dorsal rhizotomy operation but, without your help…..I won’t reach my potential.

Thank you