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Fundraising for Just4Children to support Aiden's Physio to enable him to walk independently

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We are fundraising for Just4Children to support Aiden’s Physio to enable him to walk independently.

Aiden is a twin from Haverhill in Essex and was born 10 weeks early on 1 January 2010. After 8 weeks in NICU and SCBU we were discharged and started living life as a family.

We had no concerns until around 8 months when we noticed Aiden wasn’t meeting milestones or keeping up with his twin Owen. At a routine check up when Aiden was 1 we were given the devastating news that Aiden had cerebral palsy. After extensive research we found Dr Park in St Louis Missouri and fundraised for a year to take Aiden for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. Dr Park predicted with intensive physio, SDR would enable Aiden to walk independently in all environments.

Sadly, the NHS can only offer Aiden an hour of Physio every six weeks in school and this is not enough to enable Aiden to fulfil Dr Park’s prediction. Aiden attends private physio weekly and every school holiday and is making rapid progress but this is costly. We are now fundraising again to ensure Aiden can grow up alongside his twin and reach his full potential.