A lifesaving Epilepsy Alarm for Lilly

Lilly is a beautiful 9 year old girl with many health complaints including epilepsy. A special alarm on her wrist to notify us of seizures would help us sleep so much easier at night.

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Lilly is a beautiful, friendly and happy little girl from Southend on Sea who suffers from so many health problems and disabilities including koolen de-vries syndrome, autism and epilepsy. She is also registered blind and has global developmental delay to name just some of her health issues.

She’s been through so very much in her short 9 years. We’ve almost lost her to epilepsy many times and we just struggle to sleep at night as she doesn’t sleep very well.

When she is asleep we were so scared of losing her to epilepsy as this has almost happened at night numerous times.

Please can you donate a £1 or more to Just4Children so they can help us purchase a special wrist epilepsy alarm that will notify us if she has a seizure when we’re in a different room or through the night. This alarm could literally save her life and give us a better quality of life.