Callum runs 10k for Ready Emmy Walk

A seven-year-old boy from Basingstoke is preparing to run 10k to help a little girl walk.

Callum Savings decided he wanted to do something to help two-year-old Emmy King, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy spastic diplegia last July when she was just 20-months-old.

The Old Basing Infant School pupil, who is a regular runner at the Basingstoke Parkrun every Saturday, is determined to complete his furthest distance yet when he takes on 10k.

He has so far raised £450, and said: “I am really excited to run for Emmy so that one day she can run too. I really hope I have lots of people there and I make lots of money for the charity.”

His grandmother, Wendy Hewett, said; “He runs a timed 5k route at the Parkrun but 10k will be the ultimate test for his little legs and although he wanted to try a marathon, mummy talked him out of that.”

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