Boy unable to walk has achieved his dream

Boy, 9, who was unable to walk has achieved his dream and taken his first steps alongside his twin brother thanks to life-changing surgery.

A nine-year-old boy who dreamed of walking alongside his twin brother has finally taken his first steps with him. Marcus McCarthy, from Southend, didn’t have the strength to stand on his own two feet after being born with cerebral palsy. Although his healthy twin Jacob tried to help him, he struggled and just couldn’t match him. Doctors told the family that it was unlikely he would ever walk unaided.

But after a life-changing operation to give him more movement and 12 months of physiotherapy, he has now ditched his walking frame to walk for the first time.

His proud mother, Scarlett, 30, said: ‘It has been a long but good year, Marcus has had to work the hardest.

‘He has achieved so much in one year and yet still has a lot of work to do.

‘It has been difficult for him, he has had to cope with his body changing but he is getting more confident.

‘Its not been easy and sometime it has not been fun but to be one year post-operation feels amazing and we are all so proud of both boys.

‘It’s amazing to see Marcus and Jacob standing together, we never thought it would happen.’

Marcus was diagnosed with cerebral palsy – a disorder which affects muscle tone, movement and coordination – when he was born. Doctors told the family that it was unlikely he would ever walk unaided after he was found to struggle as a youngster.

Marcus underwent the selective dorsal rhizotomy at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Surgeons cut his calf muscles before having Botox injected into his hamstrings.

He was one of 120 children to be referred for the £30,000 surgery by his GP as part of a trial in 2014. Doctors say the operation removed the spasticity in his legs to allow him to remove more freely.

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