Billy’s Santa letter is truly heartbreaking

A little boy receiving medical care in the US has sent Santa a letter that would break even the hardest heart.

Billy Caldwell has asked Father Christmas to stop his seizures so he can go home to Castlederg to live with his mum and brother. And he has told Santa that he does not want to die.

In blue crayon Billy, 11, wrote: “Santa I do not want to go and live with the angels. I want to stay here with my mummy and big bro.”


Billy suffers from intractable and status epilepsy which means the seizures he suffers can not be controlled by lifestyle or medication.

The boy’s mum Charlotte knew he would die without treatment and the treatment he needed was not available in Northern Ireland.

But she found help in the US and nine years on the pair are in Los Angeles hoping for a miracle.

Charlotte, 49, has been in Los Angeles with Billy for weeks and the youngster is being cared for by expert Dr Douglas Nordli.


Charlotte said: “We had hoped that Billy would have the surgery and it would not be too invasive but it now looks like the surgery to save his life will leave him with speech and memory loss.

“For the moment he is being treated with cannabis oil to try and hold the seizures at bay until we can find a way forward surgically.”

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