Billy’s fight continues as he celebrates 11th birthday

Billy Caldwell celebrated his 11th birthday on Tuesday, a decade after doctors sent him home to die.

His current quality of life, being able to walk, swim and horse-ride is testament to his mother Charlotte’s unwillingness to give up and her drive to get Billy the best treatment and therapy possible for his intractable epilepsy.

Following that treatment in Chicago and years of rehabilitation in Oxford, the young Castlederg boy was practically seizure free for the past eight or so years. However, the seizures returned a couple of months ago, meaning the fight continues to get Billy the medical help he needs once again in America.

Charlotte said, “It is hard to believe that Billy is now 11. We were told he would barely turn one never mind be alive a decade later. The fact he is still here and come so far is even more reason to try and get him the best treatment possible.

“He really is battling this second round of epilepsy, but it is taking its toll on him as he can’t walk as far, he is tired and the muscles in his mouth are regressing meaning his drooling is getting worse every day now because of the seizures.

“Keeping him alive is the priority but I am more determined than ever to maintain the quality of life he has now.”

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