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Beck to the future

Please support Just4Children so that Beck can have access to all the therapies and equipment he needs to help him have a better quality of life.

Beck is aged 5 from Salford. Beck’s birth was very traumatic and consequently he was born not breathing. He did not take his first independent breath for 13 minutes.  

Beck spent 2 weeks in NICU and was treated for Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). He received therapeutic cooling as well as being treated for Sepsis and seizures. He had an MRI scan which showed no structural damage to his brain but at 6 months it became clear there were problems with Beck’s development. 

Beck has hit most of his physical milestones with significant delays, sitting up age 1 and half, crawling 2 and half and most recently has learnt how to stand independently and walk short distances indoors. He is delayed the most in his cognitive development and is unable to talk, feed himself or be toilet trained. 

Beck has many issues such as Cerebral Visual Impairment. He is registered as partially sighted and has global development delay and sensory processing disorder.  

Money is needed in many areas:

Private therapy – Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Rebound therapy and Speech and language therapy. These all help Beck and he has them on a weekly basis which has contributed significantly to Becks success and development 

Private healthcare – Beck has a new condition where his eyes flicker when he’s exposed to any natural light, this makes him unstable outside and lose his balance. The NHS can not find the problem so we want to raise money to send him to a specialist which may mean travel outside this country. 

Thank you for reading and donating.

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