Application for Support

Just4Children are here to help families fundraise and crowdfund successfully for their child’s medical needs.

Just4Children provides support for families in these related medical areas:

  • Life changing treatment for children with brain injuries;
  • Access to quality of life enhancing surgeries, treatments and therapies like selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) and stem cell therapy;
  • Access to life-saving surgeries and treatments;
  • Probable and likely surgeries, therapies and treatments as yet not diagnosed;
  • Short breaks and holidays for children with families fighting illnesses and disabilities;
  • Mobility, sensory, therapy and specialist equipment;
  • Holistic therapy and support programmes for autistic children;
  • Adaptions to homes and living environments to improve quality of life – widen doors and install ramps, improve access to rooms and facilities – eg stairlifts, accessible showers, bathrooms or toilets, therapy room;
  • WAV vehicles – up to 20% of total cost;
  • Service dogs for children with epilepsy and other conditions;
  • And any other medical areas the trustees feel will benefit disabled and sick children.

We can help children with many different medical conditions. This includes the treatment and support for conditions associated with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), stress, attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and demand avoidance (PDA).

We support sick and disabled children and young people until their 25th birthday regardless of their disability or health condition. The cornerstone of our work is to act as a safety net for families unable to get the medical help they need for their child. We are non-condition specific.

We ask the parent or guardian to complete this contact form

On receipt of this form we will give you permission to go ahead with your fundraising and we will then set up a JustGiving page for your child’s campaign.

We ask you to cancel any other fundraising page as this causes confusion with the general public. We also ask you or any of your family or friends not to set up any Crowdfunding page or Facebook or Paypal fundraisers in the interests of transparency. All monies raised eg from raffles should be passed onto us.

Just4Children take no fees and promise:

  • All monies raised on your Camapign page will go to your campaign
  • We will pay the 1.9% + 20p card fees and 5% Gift Aid fees
  • All monies from cheques and cash will go to your campaign
  • We will pay all cheque and cash bank fees
  • All monies from TextGiving donations via Donr
  • Donations from UK tax payers may receive 25% Gift Aid
  • Campaigns may last up to your child’s 25th birthday
  • Campaigns will receive regular updates
  • To pay suppliers immediately
  • coordinate payments to correct UK and overseas organisations for treatment and associated costs like like flights and accommodation

Just4Children will pay all fundraising platform fees.

Just4Children will hold any monies raised through JustGiving and other channels and will, upon receipt of invoices, pay the organisation or supplier concerned direct. This money is expected to cover first (although not exhaustively), surgery, therapy, treatment, long-term physiotherapy and equipment – and then, economy travel*, car hire and standard 3 star (or maximum of £150 per night in the UK and £175 per night abroad**) accommodation for a family of four, and a daily living allowance if away from home of £50 per family in the UK or £100 per family abroad for each night away.

Please note that accommodation and travel expenses can not be released for NHS funded surgeries, therapies and treatments unless this involves nights away from home or unless this is specifically mentioned in the appeal.

*unless there are sound medical reasons for an upgrade

**a maximum of £125 outside London and £150 outside capital or major cities at discretion of Just4Children

We ask you to deal directly with hotels and suppliers, Dial a Flight or a travel agency of your choice if air travel is involved, and physios or other therapists.

Please be aware that we can not refund monies for items bought by parents, nor buy for repairs for items bought by parents, nor pay invoices older than 6 months or invoices added before a campaign began.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone from Just4Children. 

Just4Children have been so incredibly efficient and helpful throughout our fundraising. Their vision is a world where all children’s needs are met and where children with disabilities and sickness and their families have the right to choice, opportunity, dignity and understanding. They are impassioned to improve the health and lives of children and ensuring every family has access to the equipment, services and treatments they require. They absolutely recognise that childhood is a critical and vulnerable stage when health inequalities can have effects that last throughout life. They are there at every step of this new, challenging and often lonely journey; from birth, diagnosis, in an emergency, or at a time of crisis.

I can honestly say Just4Children has managed Ethan’s campaign (at all times of the night and day!) with the up most efficiently, honestly and integrity. At the outset of this journey, many of you will know I was so keen that we set up our campaign properly so that all monies would go straight to a registered UK charity and used to to pay directly for Ethan’s hospital, therapy and equipment needs. I can honestly say Just4Children have been and continue to be absolutely fantastic! 

Thank you so much Just4Children. We appreciate all that you have done and continue to do in the management of our Help Ethan Walk campaign.” 

Just4Children can only pay invoices direct to suppliers:

  • We need our full name and address
  • The family’s full name and address
  • The supplier’s full name and address
  • The supplier’s bank details

Please link up with us on Facebook and Twitter

See our Facebook Support Group

On return of the contact form we will email a letter giving you permission to use our charity name and number.

We will give you free 18 tins for collections. These are enabled with a cashless option allowing donations to be collected via a QR code or by using their digital wallet on their mobile phone.

Please note terms and conditions for donors

We provide support for a Skydive costing a fundraiser only £50.

We provide support and subsidised places for the Ultra Challenge Series

We will also provide artwork for free.

We can send you an update on your campaign whenever you request it.

Campaigns are independently checked and verified by qualified accountants.

In the meantime if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 169 1601