Annabelle’s Olympic Dream

Just4Children are wanting to raise monies for a Framerunner to fulfil Annabelle's Olympic Dream.

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Just4Children are wanting to raise monies for a Framerunner to fulfil Annabelle’s Olympic Dream.

Annabelle was born prematurely and has Cerebral palsy. She can walk a short distance on toes but can not stop or balance well. The framerunner allows her to move safely and use and strengthen her legs and raise her heartbeat instead of being in a wheelchair for longer distances. She can also compete in the framerunner in events which increases her self confidence and self worth and overall physical and mental well being.

Annabelle is aged 12 from Tewkesbury. She was born prematurely at 28 weeks and suffers with cerebral palsy. She had SDR surgery when she was 3 years old.

Annabelle’s CP does not affect her intelligence and vocabulary but does affect her fine and gross motor skills, including standing, balancing and walking which can be extremely frustrating for her. In her words “she is always in pain”, “something always hurts”.

Annabelle has been having physio since she was very young and, although it has been very difficult, challenging and not at all fun for her at times, she has persevered with an understanding beyond her years. A few years ago, as she became more self-aware and the reality of her situation began to dawn on her she had some very dark moments and we knew then that we had to find something to ignite a passion in her or there would be some very testing times ahead.

Annabelle has always ridden horses and this has helped her emotional well-being immensely but she is limited to lead rein walk and trot due to her disability. We wanted to find something that would fill her full of excitement, give her an adrenalin buzz, and all of those lovely feelings that young children should feel whilst keeping her safe from harm. We began to explore some of the sports available to children with disabilities on our area. We found a wonderful group who introduced us to framerunning. Secure in the frame, for the first time in her life she could run, use her lungs, and increase her heart rate – and she was good at it!

With the continued help and support of her amazing coach and the rest of the group she has competed and won at local and county levels and now has aspirations to go to the Olympics! Her mental well-being and self-confidence have soared and, at 12 years of age, she is excited about her future and has something to share with her peers.

We had a framerunner on a rental scheme via CP Sport and she was even able to take the framerunner to school, increasing her fitness and independence and meaning that she did not have to use a wheelchair for longer distances (something she hates!).

However, due to the high demand for framerunners on the rental scheme there is now a waiting list. Framerunners can only be rented for a certain amount of time to give everyone an opportunity to try them and Annabelle’s rental frame understandably had to be returned. We are on the waiting list again but do not know when one will be available to us. We really would like to raise funds for Just4Children so that she can have her very own frame and we will not be in this situation again, a frame she can use on a day to day basis at home and school and also for training and competitions (and maybe even take to the Olympics one day!).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story and please do share. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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