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Annabelle’s Journey

Just4Children are raising money to build on and increase Annabelle’s strength, balance and mobility which will help a determined and curious little girl play and explore the world more easily like other children.

Annabelle is a three year old little girl from West Sussex who has Cerebral Palsy in all four of her limbs as a result of complications around the time of her birth. 

We are working on increasing Annabelle’s strength and are applying to see if she is a candidate for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, a surgery which is now becoming more commonly performed on those who have four limb Cerebral Palsy. The self funded surgery would involve cutting the sensory nerve fibres which are sending incorrect signals to her brain. If Annabelle is a candidate, the surgery would enable her greater independence later in life as it would remove the spasticity and tightness from Annabelle’s muscles which is something we already battle with everyday and it will get worse as she grows. 

Since we began our fundraising campaign in December 2018 we have added fortnightly private physiotherapy and fortnightly aquatic therapy to Annabelle’s already busy therapy schedule (daily home therapy, twice weekly conductive education sessions, once weekly music therapy and fortnightly NHS physiotherapy).  We have also started a 6 month targeted training course with The Movement Centre focusing on strengthening Annabelle’s core which would not have been possible without the help of this campaign and Annabelle’s supporters.  

Annabelle has a two week intensive therapy course at The Footsteps Centre in January 2020 and is hoping to be offered a place at the local RDA to start riding early in 2020 also. Further intensive therapy courses will be booked throughout 2020.

All of the therapies collectively are helping and will continue to help increase Annabelle’s strength with the ultimate goal of greater mobility and independence.

The journey Annabelle is on is a life journey. Therapy and treatment is expensive but our little girl deserves to sit unaided, deserves to stand and deserves to walk. We are hoping with your support that one day she will get to do all of those things! 

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Thank you for your support.

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