Anguish for mum as Billy prepares for op

A County Tyrone mum told today about the agonising decision to push ahead with brain surgery for her gravely ill son – despite the fact it means he will lose his memory and speech.

Billy is being treated by doctors in the US for a rare form of epilepsy and needs life-saving surgery to stop the frequent seizures which could kill him. But recent tests have unfortunately shown it will not be as easy as originally thought. Billy’s mum Charlotte explains:

“They felt that laser surgery would actually be an option for Billy, which would be a less invasive type of surgery. But they discovered the lesion is deeper in his brain, its actually on the left temporal lobe, which means it’s a more complex form of surgery and will be more invasive.

“The temporal lobe actually controls your memory and your speech, and that’s what Billy would have to forfeit because they would have to take out all of the temporal lobe.”

For any parent, this would be a shocking decision to have to make – and Charlotte has already been through so much to get to this stage.


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