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Anayah-Israel’s Life Changing Therapy

Just4Children are fundraising to provide Anayah-Israel life changing therapy to give her the best quality of life.
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Anayah-Israel’s Life Changing Therapy

Just4Children are fundraising to provide Anayah-Israel life changing therapy to give her the best quality of life.

Hello! My name is Anayah-Israel, but you can call me ‘Biscuit’. I’m 3 years old and I live with my Mummy Sarah, my Daddy, Deji and little brother Judah, in Nottingham.

I’m very very, very, VERY strong because when I was born, Mummy was bleeding out lots and lots and my heart stopped. The Doctors had to resuscitate me for 11 minutes to bring me back and help me to breathe. Not having oxygen at birth means that my brain became very very poorly and had a severe brain injury. This means that I find lots of different things quite difficult because my brain has to try and find new ways to do things and I need lots of help from my Mummy, Daddy and nurses.

I was in NICU (Neo-natal intensive care) for 34 days at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. The Doctor’s told Mummy and Daddy that I wouldn’t live to see 4 days old, but I didn’t listen to them because I’m a WARRIOR and I tried so hard to be here. I plan to stay here!

The Doctor said that I suffered a very serious HIE (Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy) brain injury, which means that when I wasn’t getting enough oxygen, parts of my brain became very injured and don’t work as they should. The HIE means that Doctors now say I have Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment) and some hearing loss. BUT, Mummy also says I have Warrior-syndrome because I’m so strong and brave!

Over the past years, I have spent 31 weeks in hospital with chest and lung infections, pneumonia, epilepsy and difficulties with my airway. If I get a cold it can be very dangerous for me, so Mummy has to work extra hard to keep me safe from germs. I always fight them off though! Mummy has had to give me CPR 3 times and I’ve had CPR a total of 8 times in my life. It is so scary because I can’t breathe, and I go blue.

My Mummy and Daddy say I have expensive taste because the therapies like Physio, Speech and Language, Conductive Education, laser therapy, HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy), PBM (Photo Bio Modulation therapy) and neuro-plasticity ABM movement therapy cost so much money. Sadly, the NHS have minimal therapeutic hands-on involvement which I really, REALLY need. So, Just4Children are fundraising for my on-going treatment which so far has helped to pay for an intensive NAPA (Neurological and Physical Rehab) programme in September 2022 (which helped me with my sitting, core strength and swallow).

 Update September 2023 

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, I was able to go on a huge adventure to Denver, Colorado in June 2023 for Stem Cell Therapy, HBOT, laser therapy and a 3 week therapy intensive with NAPA. Having the therapy straight after treatment helped me to learn to prop sit for 10 minutes! Prop on my front, strengthen my core, head control and practice swallowing and communicating.

 In the short-term, we are now fundraising for ABM intensive (London) before Christmas and a multidisciplinary therapy intensive at Blue Skies Ahead in The Wirral in the new year!

I have also been offered places at NAPA in 2024 which I really want to go to, to learn new skills!

In the long-term, we are hoping to go back to the US for a second round of Stem Cell therapy and intensive multidisciplinary therapies.

 My goals are to strengthen my core even more to aid sitting, intentional choices and independence and one of my most important goals is to develop my swallow and eating to protect my lungs and improve my breathing!

Thank you.

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