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Just4Children hope to raise £50,000 for a life changing operation called SDR to help Amelia aged 2 from Orpington in Kent.

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"What a beautiful and inspiring little girl, may your surgery be able to give you a better life. God Bless you! Rania Riccardi xxx"
£10.50 from Rania Riccardi
"Good luck with everything and well done, Fay, with the half maraton"
£26.25 from Ben Symes
"Congrats on the run and superb initiative."
£8.75 from Guillaume Fournier
"Sending Amelia best wishes from Australia for her operation and recovery."
£50.00 from Kim Broadfoot
£210.00 from Joshua Duffy
"Best of luck!"
£HIDDEN from Farah Mudaffer
"Well done Fay! Xx"
£21.00 from Michaela Newsom
"What a beautiful girl, she deserves the best life can give her! Well done Fay for supporting her cause! xxx"
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"Good luck Fay!! I wish you all the best x"
£10.00 from Natsuko
"Good luck Fay!!"
£250.00 from Billy, Jo, Emma & Leo
"Lots of luck! You will smash it! Xxx"
£10.50 from Lindsay Dearden
"Best of luck Fay!"
£52.50 from Taner Hassan
"Good luck Fay, we are all rooting for you! Wishing all the very best to Amelia Xx Loads of love Sara, Rich, Oscar & Arthur Xx"
£15.75 from Richard Heald
"Great initiative ! Amazing what doctors can do for premature kids but unfortunately not enough yet. Keep raising awareness !"
£100.00 from Thierry Grauwels
"Good luck chick x"
£52.50 from Cypriana Mavrokordatou
"Good luck with the run Fay and all the best for Amelia."
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"Well done Faye! Lots of love to you family. Xx"
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"Good luck Fay. Wishing the best for Amelia."
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"On condition that Steve does an Iron Man this year."
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"Thank you for making it possible for me to help. I will keep Amelia in my prayers."
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"Best of luck to Amelia!"
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"Good luck Fay, with the Marathon for Just4Children. Best wishes, Carole"
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"Very best of luck to Amelia!"
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"Hope you manage to raise enough funds to help Fay."
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"Good luck, Fay! And lots of love to little Amelia"
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"Best of luck Fay - what an amazing little girl!"
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£28.20 from Brigg Baxter

Just4Children hope to raise £50,000 for a life changing operation called SDR to help Amelia aged 2 from Orpington in Kent.

Amelia was born with her twin sister at 27 weeks. As time went on we realised that Amelia struggled with sitting, crawling and being able to stand still and walk. She was finally diagnosed at 2 1/2 with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy.

Amelia has the most determined attitude and while she is able to take some steps she often falls and becomes limited by the high level of spasticity in her legs.

Our only long term option for Amelia is Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. SDR is a major operation which involves cutting some of the damaged nerves in the lower spine. It isn’t available on the NHS so we need to raise £50,000 for Just4Children to help fund the operation and rehabilitation.

Some funds will be needed for a hydrotherapy bath to be purchased and installed at home. This would greatly aid in relaxing Amelia’s muscles and easing the pain in her legs.

Amelia is an outgoing, funny and determined little girl, who sometimes opts to be called Princess Amelia, Lulu or even chocolate cake! She longs to be able to do the same as her twin sister and older brother but struggles to keep up. SDR will allow her to achieve many things that most find so simple.

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