Amber needs £60,000 to help with her therapy

The family of a girl who was given a life expectancy of just four months after her heartbeat became dangerously slow in the womb is setting out to raise £60,000 to help continue her care.

Amber Regan, now aged four, was born by an emergency caesarean but the heart issue was just the beginning of a host of issues.

Her mum, Benna, 37, who lives with her husband Darren Regan, 49 and daughter Erin, 20 months, said: “Darren and I had been trying for a baby for three years with no success.

“We started trying IVF and Amber came along after our first attempt, we were quite lucky. The pregnancy was normal, everything felt fine and then I had week 37 and I could not feel Amber moving. I rushed to hospital and they saw me immediately because Amber’s heartbeat went down to 30 beats a minute when it should be 170.

“I got given a ‘crash caesarean’ which means they knocked me out.

“When Amber was born she was born lifeless and they had to resuscitate her and bring her back to life. She had two blood transfusions in the first 10 minutes. They said she needed to go onto the cooling system that cooled her brain and body a couple of degrees to 33C, which stopped everything in its tracks.

“I got sent to Luton and Dunstable Hospital, she had to be on that system for 72 hours and she was having eight huge seizures an hour. They had said she would be on a life-support system and said ‘if you take her off, she would be alive for seven minutes’ and if she survived that, she would survive for four to 10 months.

“She turned four in April. She is non-verbal, she does not walk by herself and she has got vision problems and hearing loss.”

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