Amazing Aiden’s groundbreaking therapy begins at home in Witham thanks to public

A brave toddler with cerebral palsy has undergone his first set of groundbreaking treatment thanks to the generosity of the public.

Aiden Mitchell, 2, was informally diagnosed with the condition shortly after a complicated birth, during which he was starved of oxygen.

Parents Fleur and Keith, of Witham, have been fundraising to pay for groundbreaking neurological therapy from Napa, a company based in Los Angeles.

The therapy is a mixture of neuro-suit work, Cuevas Medek exercise and speech and language therapy. Each three week course costs nearly $9,000.

Mum Fleur said: “There is nowhere to get the same sort of intensity in the UK with the same experience that the therapists from the US have.

“It helps him progress between four and six months in each session. He has been doing really well.

“It is a long hard process and progress is slow but as long as it is heading in the right direction it is worth it.”

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