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Just4Children are raising money to help raise £30,000 for Alba to receive Stem Cell Therapy to give the best quality of life possible.

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Just4Children are raising money to help raise £30,000 for Alba to receive Stem Cell Therapy togive the best quality of life possible.

Alba is aged one from Liverpool. She started her journey when she was born at 30 weeks after a rocky pregnancy and no fetal movements for 3 days. She was delivered via emergency c section weighing a tiny 2lb 5oz.

She was taken to NICU and put on a ventilator and had a cranial ultra sound to make sure she hadn’t developed a bleed on her brain. Everything was fine. Alba was a healthy little girl they told us and she sailed through her NICU stay and we was allowed home to start our new journey together as a family.

Alba began screaming at around 6 weeks old. It was unbearable screaming. We took her to numerous hospitals and doctors to be told she had milk intolerance, colic, constipation and that she was just a crier.

We started to notice she wasn’t meeting milestones and wasn’t fixing and following so my GP demanded a MRI. We received the devastating news that Alba had a haemorrhage on her brain which and caused brain damage. We were originally told it would only affect her eye sight.

On October 21st when Alba was diagnosed with bilateral dystonic cerebral palsy, our world had fell apart. We were told she won’t ever walk, talk, eat or be independent.

The cerebral palsy has also led Alba to other medical issues too along the way including neuro, respiratory, ent, renal, gastro, Ophthalmology and a lot more.

We want her to live her life to the fullest and this procedure can change her life. It can help with speech, vision and mobility. If anyone deserves it, our Alba does. She has fought for the past year. Every illness and pain she’s endured she came back stronger and stronger. She has spent the last 9 months in hospital and continues to smile each day. She’s so strong. Sheis our inspiration.

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