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Alannah’s Wish2Walk

Just4Children are raising money for Alannah who needs life changing surgery at St Louis Hospital in America to help her walk and live in less pain, and have a more independent childhood.

Alannah is aged 4 from Nottingham. She was born 8 weeks early and suffered a bleed to the brain, causing quadriplegic cerebral palsy and spent her first 2 months in intensive care.

Alannah has been in and out of hospital under lots of different consultants. She has little control over her arms and legs and cannot sit, crawl or play unaided.  Alannah also cannot talk as her head and mouth muscles are also effected.

Because Alannah is affected in both her arms and legs the NHS will not fund this life transforming operation. The operation will help with the pain of daily muscle spasms and help her movement towards a more independent life.

In addition, Alannah will need intensive private physio before and after the operation. This comes at a huge cost too. The operation will cost about £50k-60k with physiotherapy, equipment, professional fees and 3-week accommodation. Once home intensive physio will cost £30k-35k.

Without this treatment Alannah will be confined to a wheelchair forever. We hope to get the operation when Alannah is 6 years old.

Please help.

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