A Brighton Princess who Wishes to Walk

Amelia Craig is a little girl living in Brighton who is fighting a spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which means she is not able to do many things that are so normal for most children like walking, dancing and jumping for example. One of Amelia’s dreams is to learn ballet, and she might be able to if she gets a life altering operation but the NHS is not willing to support her.

Amelia has been approved by Great Ormond Street Hospital for a life changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR). It involves doctors opening up her spinal cord, testing each sensory nerve rootlet and selectively cutting the spastic nerves and leaving the normal ones intact. After that she will need at least two years of intense physiotherapy to learn to walk all over again.

The operation and associated aftercare comes at a high cost of £85,000 so Amelia’s parents started a campaign with the help of the Just4Children Charity that helps families achieve their fundraising goals. The donated money is directly managed by the Charity and the family is not involved. So donators can be sure that all funds go directly to the wellness of the child.  

“We have to raise this money somehow and we’ve met some really kind people. For example from Amelia’s nursery, Each Peach, we have raised eight hundred pounds so far from just two parents. Everyone we meet is so lovely. The other day I went out to a shop in George Street to see whether or not they could take a collection tin for us, and a man was in the shop and he just gave me ten pounds,” explained Alana, really touched.

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