£100,000 to get three-year-old twins walking

Family need £100,000 to get three-year-old twins walking

A family is appealing for help to raise around £100,000 to get their three-year-old twin boys walking.

Gaynor and Simon Warner have their hopes pinned on an operation and physiotherapy getting William and Arthur on their feet.

The boys, from Rothley, were born at just under 29 weeks, on September 10, 2012.

They spent nearly eight weeks in the special care baby unit at Leicester General Hospital.

However, by the time they reached their first birthday, they were still unable to sit up, crawl or pull themselves up to stand.

Mum Gaynor said: “I knew something wasn’t right and we took them to see their consultant who wasn’t overly worried, saying the boys still had time to catch up.”

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