LOC Blog – Plagiocephaly

What to Do if You Think Your Baby has Plagiocephaly

One of the conditions that Just4Children helps parents to deal with is plagiocephaly (or flat head syndrome) in their babies. Research shows that most babies spend, on average, up to 700 hours on their backs during the first few months of their lives. At this tender age, an infant’s skull plates are still very malleable. A number of factors including time spent on their backs, breech deliveries, time spent in modern buggies and car seats and a condition known as torticollis can all potentially lead to the onset of plagiocephaly.

If you have noticed flattening in your baby’s head shape, or other symptoms such as ear misalignment or a bulging forehead, then it’s possible that your baby may be showing signs of flat head syndrome. You may find that NHS guidance and intervention is limited, because the NHS does not currently measure head shapes as part of developmental tracking, and currently does not recognise plagiocephaly as a medical condition. But you may still want to seek early guidance, since the bones in the skull typically harden by the age of 18 months. Therefore, if you do choose to pursue treatment, early intervention is important to achieve a positive outcome for your child.

Seeking Advice for Plagiocephaly Treatment

Just4Children works closely with the London Orthotic Consultancy (LOC), a clinic that specialises in (amongst other conditions) the diagnosis and treatment of plagiocephaly – both by advising on preventative measures like tummy time, and by offering treatments including LOCBand helmet therapy.

You can get advice and guidance from LOC on the following subjects:

What is plagiocephaly?

Diagnosis of plagiocephaly

How to do repositioning (including Tummy Time)

Plagiocephaly treatment

Torticollis and flat head syndrome

In addition, if you’re worried about your baby’s head shape, you can use LOC’s flat head diagnosis form for a fast, free opinion from a qualified orthotist. Use the online form to upload pictures of your baby’s head – which will be treated in the strictest confidence – and one of LOC’s team will get back to you within 24 hours with a clinical opinion, so that you have a clearer idea of whether your baby may be showing signs of plagiocephaly and what to do next.