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We're raising money for Just4Children to support Iyla who has Wolf Hirschhorm syndrome. Iyla needs physio and equipment to help prevent her scoliosis from getting worse.

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Iyla is 3 years old from Little Clacton in Essex. She was born with a rare genetic condition called Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome. This causes many abnormalities such as mental and physical global delay, sight, hearing and heart defects, epilepsy and low muscle to name a few.

Iyla has battled many things in life and has already undergone major heart surgery. She also has Scoliosis and will have an operation on her spine by the time she is 6 to try to correct this.

We are raising money to pay for equipment and physio to help prevent the scoliosis from getting worse before surgery as well as strengthening her core muscles to give her a chance at sitting up by herself.

Inspite of everything Iyla goes through she is the happiest girl and deserves every bit of help we can give her!

We are so grateful to everyone that supports Iyla against her battle with Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome.