Steps for Stan

Hi, my name is Stanley and I’m 4 years old from Wareham in Dorset. I have a condition called Semi Lobar Holoprosencephaly which has caused cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. This means the muscles in my legs are really tight so I struggle to crawl or walk without help. I find it hard to […]

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Willow Taylor.2

Go, Willow, Go!

Helping Willow reach above and beyond the rainbow! Willow is an incredible little girl Aged 4 from Yateley in Hants. She has cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. She suffered a brain injury during birth. She’s a true little fighter! Willow is dependant on those around her for everything. She is tubefed, she can’t talk […]

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owenchair 22

Our Little Warrior

Our little warrior Owen has survived against all odds. Now we want to help him in his next battle – a great quality of life despite a severe brain injury. Owen Paul Murphy was born in Liverpool on 7th July 2016 starved of oxygen for over 20 minutes and needing resuscitation for over 30 minutes. […]

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IMG_6521 2

Victory for Vigo

My name is Vigo from Lambeth in London. I am the world’s biggest flirt and the happiest little 4 year old! I never stop smiling and laughing! Maybe that’s because I have had so much to contend with so far and been so brave. I love life so much! Help me stand on my own […]

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Ime on the carpet

Unique Imelda

This is Imelda from Braintree in Essex. She was born with a rare chromosome disorder. It’s so rare it doesn’t have a name. In fact, she’s unique. In her first 13 weeks of life Imelda had 27 trips to hospital with 2 admissions. She was born with many abnormalities including Hypotonia. She has also developed […]

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Help Gabby Run

Gabby is 7 years old from Cornwall and needs selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery in the US because she deserves the chance of a better life. Gabby is one of identical twins. Both Gabby and her twin sister Izzy have cerebral palsy after being born extremely premature at only 28 weeks and suffering severe brain haemorrhages. […]

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IMG_20161015_144603 2

Team Thomas!

Thomas is our 18 month old son from Thatcham in Berks. He suffered a brain injury at birth which has left him needing to be tube fed and with a visual impairment and severe cerebral palsy. Life isn’t easy for Thomas. However, he is the most determined little boy you are ever likely to meet. […]

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Alina Maria Dina

Help Alina walk independently

Alina is aged 4 from Oxford suffering with cerebral palsy. She needs physiotherapy and various therapies to lead a more normal life. Alina arrived very early at 26 weeks on the 11th of January 2013, weighing 1.1kg due to an infection. Then, she started to fight for her life having sepsis, a life-threatening condition that arises […]

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Oscar Day02

Oscar’s goal to independence

Oscar is aged 3 from Knaresborough in North Yorkshire. He suffers from Bilateral Dystonic cerebral Palsy. We are wanting to provide Oscar with the chance to partake in intensive rehabilitation therapy. The Health in Motion Rehabilitation Clinic in Toronto, Canada will allow him the best chance to be able to use his body as effectively as […]

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Evie Doherty 2

Evie’s Marathon

Evie is aged 4 from Essex. We desperately need to raise funds for Just4Children to help Evie have specialist post stroke rehabilitation therapy and to purchase accompanying specialised equipment. Evie is a super hero! In her short life she has endured pain beyond most people’s worst nightmares, stared death in the face and won battles […]

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Daisy’s Dream

Daisy is aged 6 from King’s Lynn in Norfolk with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Help Just4Children to help Daisy reach her full potential by giving her the opportunity to have an intensive physio programme. Daisy was born 12 weeks early and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. You may have seen her on The Secret Life of 5 […]

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DSC_2830 2

Luis’s big dream 

Luis is aged 4 from Loughborough in Leics. His cerebral palsy gets in the way of him achieving his full cheeky chap potential! Regular physio and specialist equipment will help him shine like the star he is. Luis was born 10 weeks prematurely at 3.5lbs. After 5 weeks in intensive care we bought home our […]

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Aurora Rea02

Aurora reaches for the stars

Aurora is aged 2 from Dunmow in Essex and was born term at Addenbrookes Hospital after a very traumatic birth where she became stuck. She was diagnosed with a mild hearing loss at just 7 days old. Things didn’t really become apparent until Aurora wasn’t reaching your typical ‘normal’ milestones and when she was just […]

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Stanley’s Oasis

Our plan for Stanley is to create a level and accessible garden with a therapy room and hydrotherapy tub. Stanley Oscar Newman is a happy, bright and funny 4 year old from Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. He was born with a severe form of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy know as LMNA-CMD.   On diagnosis we discovered that […]

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IMG_3872 2

Help Ethan Walk 

After having a successful SDR operation Ethan wishes to continue improving everyday with the help of physio and specialist equipment. His dream is to one day walk unaided alongside his siblings. Ethan is aged 6 from Gorton in Manchester. He was born at 28 weeks and suffered many complications leading to several brain bleeds, which […]

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Charlie’s Challenge to help him walk

Charlie is aged 4 from Bridgewater in Somerset and needs to have SDR surgery. Charlie was born with spastic four limb cerebral palsy and developmental delay. This means Charlie can’t walk or stand alone. Charlie gets around by crawling, his cerebral palsy affecting both his arms and his legs. He also has very high tone […]

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Camren Haines 2

Camren’s Steps

Camren is six years old from Kidlington near Oxford. He is a bright little boy with a wonderful character, great sense of humour and an infectious laugh. Camren has amazing grit and determination and if he wants something he tries his very, very best to achieve his goal! Born on 14th of May 2010, at almost 27 […]

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kitty just4children

Cotswold Kitty Walks the Way

Spasms from Cerebral Palsy are stopping Kitty (8) from Cheltenham from walking. An operation is available (not funded by the NHS) that will take away spasticity and help Kitty with her wish to walk. Take a good look at Kitty. Kitty has a dream that when she is older she will be a midwife (like her Mum […]

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Nour April 2016 new.jpg

Nour’s Journey to walk and talk

We are raising funds for Just4Children to support our little miracle fighter who is an inspiration for our lives. Our little princess Nour Al Zahra, who is nearly 4 from Sheffield, was born at 24+ weeks weighing only 648 grams and stayed 102 days in NICU. She suffered severe brain bleed resulting in quadriplegic cerebral […]

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Dean’s journey to his first step

Dean is 8 years old with cerebral palsy, from Vicarstown, Cork, Ireland. He needs you to support Just4Children to help him take his first step. Dean has been wheelchair bound the last 8 years. He goes to school watching his peers and friends at school run and play everyday. Dean would love the opportunity to be […]

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Helping Little Lydia

Helping Little Lydia from Swansea get all the support of treatment and therapies she needs for a much better life. In 2016 Lydia had an operation that had complications and she was starved of oxygen for 20 minutes. As a result she now has severe cerebral palsy on top of her existing condition Dandy Walker […]

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Anja in hoodie.jpg

Anja Scoliosis Warrior

We are raising funds to get non-surgical treatment far from home to help Anja in her battle against Scoliosis. With a 50 degree curve, she will need drastic, painful surgery without your support for Just4Children. Anja is fighting to prevent her ribcage from crushing her heart and lungs. This is a life and death battle for one […]

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Raise Mehed’s Quality of Life 

My Son Mehed is aged 16 from Hounslow suffering with a serious neurological condition from birth. Mehed has fine and gross motor difficulties, joints hypermobility, poor co-ordination, severe global developmental delay, autism and severe learning difficulty. In addition, Mehed can’t communicate with people. Mehed is a boy who loves his family exhibiting a great passion for […]

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Josh Page Header

Operation Josh – Mission SDR

My name is Joshua. I’m 9 years old and live in Portishead near Bristol. I need your help to take my pain away and brighten my future! I joined the party we call ‘life’ a little earlier than planned. 11 weeks and 5 days too early to be precise. I was a very small baby […]

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Oliver Barker

Oliver’s Army

Oliver was born on Mothering Sunday in March 2015 but everything was not as we hoped and dreamed as our baby boy was deprived of oxygen due to complications during his delivery. Three letters was how they explained what happened that day: HIE – hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. He had sustained a brain injury due to […]

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Oliver’s Journey: Don’t Stop Believing

We are hoping to raise £60,000 for Just4Children to allow Oliver to have life changing Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery which is not currently funded by the NHS. Oliver and his twin brother Thomas from Newport in Gwent were born prematurely in May 2014. Oliver was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia at 18 months […]

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Dauud Aslam

Dauud’s wish to walk with his brother

Dauud is aged six from Keighley in West Yorks. He suffers with cerebral palsy which affects his ability to sit and walk. He is a happy determined little boy with a twin brother Dilal. All Dauud wants to do is to be able to walk around and be involved in activities his brother is able […]

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Stem cells for Amelia

The only hope for the improvement of Amelia’s health is stem cell transplantation. Amelia is nearly 6 years old. She lives in Kinmel Bay near Rhyl in north Wales. She is very cheerful and smiling little girl. She loves animals, likes painting and listening to stories. Unfortunately, Amelia was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. […]

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Troy’s Mission

This is our son Troy and he is two years old. We are from North West London. Troy was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia at 18 months old. Troy’s cerebral palsy causes increased muscle tone in his legs and feet which makes them constantly stiff. This affects his balance and coordination. There isn’t a cure for […]

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Little Charlie’s Big Chance

Charlie is a year old boy from Staplehurst in Kent. He, like his sister Eliana, was born prematurely and suffered brain damage at birth from lack of oxygen. During 2016 with the help of the community money was raised to send his sister Eliana to St Louis, Missouri to undergo life changing selective dorsal rhisotomy […]

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